Benefits of a Polished Concrete Overlay

When polishing your existing concrete floors is not an option due to their excess of flaws such as excessive patchwork, pitting, spalled areas and tack holes which will show after polishing; a polished concrete overlay is the perfect and economical solution.

Flawless Surface

Polished concrete overlays are used to cover up problem floors and achieve a perfectly smooth and seamless surface. So none of the existing floors imperfections will show through when they are installed, leaving a beautifully flawless floor.



Polished concrete overlays are extremely customizable and can be matched to your preferred color or decorative coating to achieve your desired aesthetics.

Fast Turnaround

The fast turnaround time of a polished concrete overlay when compared to patching or replacing existing concrete is extremely beneficial. It can be installed over any existing hard surface such as concrete, tile and terrazzo in as little as 24 hours.


Environmentally Friendly

Polished concrete overlays are environmentally friendly as well as mold and mildew resistant.



Installing Polished Concrete Overlays

Polished concrete overlay installation requires a higher level of expertise then polishing existing concrete flooring. The floor preparation is amongst the more timing consuming process of the installation, especially if the existing floor coverings must be removed and profiling of the underlying floor is needed.

After the floors have been properly prepared, we being the tedious process of pouring the overlay. Once the overlay is down we polish and dye the floors to your desired sheen.



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Polished Concrete Overlays