Polished Concrete Benefits

There are many benefits of polishing interior concrete floors. Retail stores, homeowners, educational facilities and medical organizations are all choosing polished concrete as their floor finish due to the benefits that concrete polishing has over other types of floor coverings such as vinyl sheet flooring, tile flooring, ceramic tile and cement terrazzo.

Cost Effectiveness

Polishing concrete floors is extremely cost effective when compared to other floor coverings. Using the slab on grade as the finished floor is very cost effective and allows for decreased maintenance costs.


Low Maintenance

Many warehouse facilities and retail establishments choose polished concrete because of its extremely low maintenance and durability. Polished concrete floors are extremely easy to clean, stain resistant and also hold up very well to heavy foot traffic and forklift equipment use.

Increase Light Reflectiveness

Many office buildings, hotels, restaurants and public facilities benefit from the high degree of reflectivity that polished concrete offers. Polished concrete requires 1/3 less lighting because of its reflectiveness while offering an elegant look.


Aesthetics and Uniqueness

Not only is polished concrete cost effective and low maintenance but also the look is unique and similar to that of polished granite or marble. Which gives homeowners and business owners a great alternative when marble or granite is not an option due to its high cost.

Polished Concrete

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Polished Concrete Versatility

With polished concrete being a multi-step process, Creative Concrete Services can customize the level of sheen to your unique aesthetic specifications and maintenance requirements. With these its versatility, makes polished concrete an ideal flooring solution for a variety of applications.

Some common places polished concrete is used include:

  • Warehouses and outlets
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Auto showrooms
  • Private residential homes



Cost Comparison Chart

Cost per square foot Installed Cost Annual Maintenance Average Life (years) Replacement (per ft) Total Expense 20 years Cost per Year
Vinyl Sheet Flooring $2.72 $1.39 9 $3.43 $38.14 $1.91
Vinyl Tile Flooring $1.23 $1.47 15 $1.60 $32.76 $1.64
Ceramic Mosaic Tile $6.48 $1.22 20 $30.88 $1.54
Quarry Tile $5.78 $0.58 20 $30.18 $0.87
Cement Terrazzo $8.50 $0.46 20 $20.10 $0.89
Granite-Glaze $6.50 $0.46 20 $15.70 $0.79
Polished Concrete $3.98 $0.00 20 $3.98 $0.19

Comparative Installation and Maintenance Costs for Polished Concrete Floor
Based on a survey conducted by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, the information below compares the cost per square foot of commonly used commercial flooring materials and polished concrete floors. This recent examination of flooring costs over a 20 year span illustrates, not only some of the hidden costs involved in the purchase and installation of various materials, but also illustrates the dramatic difference in the cost of these materials.



How slippery is polished concrete?

If kept clean and dry, polished concrete is no slicker than plain concrete. It has also been shown to be less slippery than waxed tile or polished marble.

Click here for non-slip testing results for our Certi-Shine FSR floors.

How do I maintain the shine?

Keeping polished concrete shiny requires minimal effort and expense. With simple cleaning, polished concrete will keep it’s shine for years to come. No need for a costly stripping and waxing regimen.

Do I have to worry about my polished concrete staining?

Certi-Shine FSR polished concrete is highly resistant to staining from nearly all substances.

Click here to view test results from Certi-Shine

Is polished concrete a green product?

Certi-Shine FSR floors qualify for points in any project looking for LEED certification.

Click here to view the Certi-Shine LEED Guide



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