What is Concrete Staining?

Concrete staining is a great way for you to achieve a decorative floor at a reasonable cost. Stains offer an infinite range of colors and special effects on interior flooring surfaces as well as exterior flooring surfaces. Unlike most coatings, stains penetrate the concrete and saturate it with deep, rich, translucent tones.

Creative Concrete Services can apply stains to all types of concrete surfaces, whether in conjunction with concrete hardeners, sealers, high performance coatings or even polished concrete.  Whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, driveway, patio, or home we can enhance it with concrete staining.



Color Options

Stains offer dozens of color options including metallic tints. Some penetrate into the concrete surface so they will not fade, chip or peel away, while others need a protective coating. It is important to note that most stains only penetrate the top layer of the concrete so to protect and prolong it’s life from wear we can apply a clear sealer for exterior surfaces and recommend a high quality coating or good floor wax for interior surfaces.



Our Work

Concrete Staining