concrete-crack-repairWe have recently acquired Concrete Restoration Services of Lakeland, FL. Concrete Restoration Services was a leader in the  industry since 1979. With this addition to our team, Creative Concrete Services can now offer a full array of concrete floor restoration services. These services range from joint concrete floor repair and rebuilding to structural carbon fiber repairs.

Concrete is an extremely strong and durable material, but with constant wear and tear at some point in its life it may need to be repaired. We use tested and proven quality products to repair and restore concrete floors, walls, beams and docks.

Creative Concrete Services is here to help you repair and restore your concrete floor to new again.

Why Concrete Cracks

The most common reason why concrete floors crack is due to plastic shrinkage. Before hardening, concrete floors are in their plastic state and still full of water. The water causes displacement and makes the slab a certain size. As the concrete cures, it loses moisture and shrinks. With concrete being an extremely ridged material, this shrinkage can cause stress, which will ultimately lead to cracks in your concrete floor.

Expansion cracks are another reason why concrete can crack. In extremely high temperature weather a concrete slab will expand,   as it gets hotter. If the concrete does not have room to flex and pushes against an adjacent slab or wall can result in it cracking.

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