For a decade, Creative Concrete Services, LLC has been a leader in concrete polishing, staining, restoration and repair. Servicing all of the Southeast United States, our commitment to quality and dedication to our clients has made us the premier choice for retail stores, restaurants, industrial facilities, government buildings and private residential estates.

Launched in 2005, Creative Concrete Services’ employees are experts in concrete polishing as well as  terrazzo and self leveling overlay polishing. In addition to natural grey polished concrete, stains and dyes are options that can be applied to your polished concrete floors to create an elegant look to your business or home flooring.

We have expanded to offer almost any type of decorative concrete option as well as prep, restoration and coatings.

Led by Jared Bancroft, he and his team of concrete experts are committed to providing top-level service to their customers. Creative Concrete Services dedication to using only the highest quality products and equipment that have gone through rigorous durability testing ensures their clients are receiving not only a great looking floor but one that is going to last for years to come.

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